Is there any way i can sell my Items completely..?

I am kinda out of track, also not doing well enough to make some future here… Is there any way i can sell my all items to someone here for forever…? I have two accounts here with some items… I just wanted to sell all those items not my account… Is it possible…?

Not allowed unfortunately

Ohh… :frowning:

hi, u are not the first one to ask , i remember this guy with his heartbreaking story of his mum desperately needing an operation and who did not have the money for it who came to ask the same thing at that time. I hope u can find a solution so that u can deal with your problems, whatever they are best of luck buddy

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Yeah i am trying… :slight_smile: Thank you for understanding people like me… :slight_smile: I will stand on my feet, no matter how long it will take… :slight_smile:

u are welcome i really sincerely wish u the best and to find a solution to deal with what u are facing, best of luck, i will cross fingers for u buddy, keep fighting :slight_smile:

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