Is there any views limit for audiojingle on youtube ?

I have 2 questions ;

1.question :

For example lets suppose that ,
I used in my youtube video an audio jingle’s music from elements envato.
After a while , when my video gained 1 million or 10 million or more views like 100million / 100 billion etc.
Will be any ( views / listening / audience ) limitation with audio jingle’s music ?
I saw a limitation in audio jingle’s web site for 1million or 10million broadcast audience.

I want to ask ,
Can i use audio jingle’s musics with standart licence in my youtube video even it will gain more than 1 million or 10 million views without facing any extra licence or copyright strike / claim problem ?

2.question :

Also can i use my videos which has audio jingle’s musics with youtube live stream ?

I think this can answer you.
“All of our Music Licenses including our base Standard Music License allow for streaming web video. With Broadcast use however, you’ll need one of our Broadcast Licenses, and there may be limitations on your allowed audience size depending on which one you choose. There are no audience size limitations for non-Broadcast streaming web video.