Is there any tutorial to develop PSD according to themeforest guidelines.

I have designed 2 templates but they are hard rejected without any reason.
Please teach me how to make themeforest approved template.

link of my rejected psd design:Need help with rejected PSD template


Thanks for asking!

Need to improve your item design quality. Thant is basic level design.
Try to make more unique & aesthetic design for Envato Themeforest then they will can accept.


any tutorial regarding that? can anyone who has approved template can teach me?


I think about design tutorial you will not find out enough.
but you can find out many tutorial about themeforest psd template building video.
you can search on youtube hope you will fine your one.


The issue you have is that this is a premium marketplace for accomplished experts to sell their work, so not really people who need to learn.

There are thousands of free and premium design courses online that you can use to fine tune your skills before submitting items and to give yourself the best chance such as to learn how to improve typography

Bear in mind it’s not just about meeting best practice - items need to be unique, original and provide premium value i.e. why would someone pay to buy and code a design rather than buy a working template. Generic one page designs will rarely be enough anymore.

These are general submissions guidelines for PSDs

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Ps the more you rush the more frustrated you will be.

Success here takes time and commitment.