Is there any search sound search engine?

Hi all,

Im looking for an alternative search sound search engine for Audiojungle.

Soundizer seems like doesnt work or the server is down ?

or anyone could help?

Looking forward to hear from you all soon.

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Hi! Can you please tell what exactly you don’t like in Audiojungle own search engine? :slightly_smiling:

yep seems Soundizer is not working today!. Past months there were talking about Soundizer was outdated. I don’t know if it is not supported now

the issues that Im facing right now is,

I have downloaded the preview audio for few weeks ago, and now i want to buy the music but it will be time consuming if i need to search the music one by one again.

So currently, Im looking a search engine like soundizer. I upload my preview music and it will show me the exact music.

IHi octopusic,

If that so, is there any method that I can find the exact music that I have downloaded because we just got approval on the music. The current music there is a watermark on it.

Post the downloaded clip here and many folks (myself included) are always willing to help locate it. Good luck to you.

Thank You musicbox,

I have a total of 5 music need to search.

I cant upload the preview music into this forum but i will send you a link for you to download the preview music.

These are the tracks. Soundizer didn’t match number 5. I don’t know the reason. Someone can shed some light?

You can enter soundizer using this link

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Oh I see. Yes, this is a problem many authors were talking about.

I created a new thread specifically to find a solution to this problem. This is serious issue. Let’s see what will happen. You can participate if you want to :wink:


Thank You Octopusic .

You save my life. But For track 5, I guess I have to look at my history tab 5 6 months ago.
Oh my goodness.

anyway, Thank you for your help .

yes. this is one of the biggest issue for buyers.

Im wondering why the envato team, code is that way … Preview files without any names of authors or details about the audio file.

I believe each individual author has the responsibility of adding the tags to their preview file upon submission. I do it but I admit I didn’t always do so. Glad Octopusic was able to help. 4 out of 5 is pretty good. Good luck with your projects.

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Try this one:

It will probably just find the track if it’s uploaded to youtube tough.