Is there any refund call back in envato api?

Some buyer bought and active my plugin using the purchase code then refund. Is there any way to detect those user/purchase code using api? or is there any call back on envato? If I get those purchase code the I can disable those license from my server.

What should I do?
Please advice me.

Once the refund is issued, purchase code will be invalid. Revalidate the code, and the API will return that code is invalid.

But problem is there my server check only one time from envato server. if it get data then it allow always it doesn’t request from envato server anymore.

May be I have to check all key in a scheduler to check all purchase key.
Is there any other way?

You must check codes from time to time to be sure the code is working. There is no other way.

Thank you GDragoN for replay.

Are there any plans to add refunds and reversal to api?