Is there any probability that this would be accepted.


Its been a long time i made any music and non has been accepted. I had difficutlty recording cause of my bad pc. now i have a pretty decent pc, but i still need feedback cause im not an expert in music production.
This was the first track i made on my new pc is there a probability of getting confirmed/accepted.


The track is not bad, but if I was clicking down the list of search results and yours started playing, I would move on to the next since there’s nothing really going on in the first 10 seconds


It’s not a bad track in terms of composition, but the mix leaves a lot to be desired.

Firstly there is mild distortion from 1:17, and everything from there sounds messy and muddy. Not enough crispness from the high end, and too boomy in the lower mids. You also need to work on the instrument separation and equalisation.

Like OutLoud said, you need to get to the point faster as there is not much happening in the first 10-20 seconds.


Thanks, :smiley: I had no idea how to arrange the whole piece, cause I started making the song from the climax so I decided to use synths at the beginning. Thanks again for the feedback.:blush:
I will work on the mix again then.


I do not agree that the intro needs to be shorter. There are thousands of artsy/nature/time-lapse videos that would need a slow beginning like this.

Getting to the point really fast is important for corporate/pop/energetic music but not for cinematic music like this. If that worries you, just make a shorter version and place it first in the preview.


Presta, I know what you mean. It’s not a bad creative decision that the intro is long and builds gradually. But if I am a YouTuber or film maker looking for background music on AJ, there’s less of a chance that I want to wait 10-20 seconds to hear what the piece has to offer.


@OutLoudMusic :wink:


About the mixing, i haven’t uploaded the new version, still working on it and i took your advice. I reduced the low ends to limit the boomy sounds. As regard the seperation, Originally i added stereo seperation to most of the mixer tracks to get the big cinematic sound, i decided to make the master track a little bit mono to merge everything together, it made the song quite better but i dont know if that was what you meant by saying seperation and EQ. and for the equalisation i only added to a few tracks cause i used sampled instruments. pls if you could be a little bit more detailed, thank you :blush:


Hi Orchestra_harmonies,

What I meant about instrument separation was finding a way for each instrument to sit comfortably within the mix without clashing with others. Every instrument has its own unique frequency range - try and make the most of this; I understand it’s more difficult in cases like this with many instruments, but try to assign specific frequency areas for each instrument to make sure they aren’t all fighting for the same band / frequency (maybe attenuate some of the less important frequencies) - this is especially important for the 100-1000Hz area as this is where a lot of the muddiness comes from!

Also, you can use panning and stereo image to your advantage - try panning certain instruments left or right to make them distinguishable from the mix (especially if they don’t sit very cleanly in the mix), whilst also adding more space and width to the track. This will work especially well for instruments using the higher frequencies, not so much for the lower frequencies - don’t pan the bass!

Additionally, to clear up the mix and add more headroom, I would recommend putting a high pass filter on all non-bass instruments.

Apologies for any mistakes as I wrote this on my phone :slight_smile:

If you need any more help / advice, feel free to email me on my AJ profile page using the form on the bottom right.

Hope this helps! :wink:



Oh i get it now :smiley:, This is much better. Thank you so much for the detailed info.


No problem :blush: