Is there any prebuilt template for item detail like for doc

Welcome, I’m a new author here and I plan to sell a VueJS template on Envato.

I downloaded the docs template as HTML but I want to know more about the item detail, what is the limit?

Is there a model to follow like the one you provided for documentation?

You won’t find a template for this because it depends too much on:

  1. the details of the item and
  2. how much time/effort an author is willing to invest in creating then images and assets you see on bigger item pages.

When it comes to your Item Description , you have a few options. Many authors use this section as a way to present the features of their item, highlight use cases or present customer feedback. It uses a full HTML editor so you can add images (hosted on your own server), markup your text with bold , italics , and a variety of sizes.

Our top tip is to use an HTML or text editor to prepare your item description and then copy and paste it into your item description field. This way, you’ve got a saved copy you can edit later.

I found the answer on How to Upload Your Items to Envato.