Is there any possibilities to get trending without any sales?

Hi there,
Kindly give Me a clear answer. What is the criteria to get a trending batch for an item. Is there any possibilities to get trending without any sales? What is happening here…

I’m also looking for the same answer :slight_smile:

yes, trending is not related to sales

You wouldn’t have asked it there wasn’t!

@ThePixor if it is not related to sales, then what is the procedure of getting trending. Because I thought that, if an item got a reasonable quick sale in a limited period then it will be considered as a trending item. I gave that theme as an example only. But I have saw many themes before.

I’m not sure but I think is related to the number of visitors of the item page only.

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@SpaceStockFootage This is not only My doubt. Many small scale authors like me have the same doubt. So I have bring this topic here.

Yeah, nobody knows for sure, although sales will factor into it… but if you have high numbers on all the the other stuff, then you can still be trending without any sales. Views, sales, comments, how many times the item is favourited or rated… who knows. It’ll be something along those lines though.

Thanks Buddy

I agree with him. You may need to get over 1000+ unique visit

That’s nice… I had a trending item, but it got only 11 sales.

In one day? That’s pretty good.

No, it was on the market for like 1 month, but “contract” with my boss forbid me from creating my own themes (if I only knew that this contract was absurd and had no legal power), so I had to delete it, before he know, or "face a fine of 25k$"
And since then, I’ve never really tried again to upload my own item.

A contract to create your own themes might be absurd and have no legal power, but a contract to create your own themes and then sell them… is considerably less absurd and might have a lot of legal power. Non-compete clauses are relatively common, especially within NDA’s. So if you’re an employee of a company that creates and sells themes… creating your own themes to sell might be something the company wants to avoid. Especially if you’re using skills, techniques and styles that you learned, or are currently using, with your employer.


Yeah, that was the case.
Actually i wasn’t oficially (legal) employed, we had more of a “contract of providing services”.

I don’t know, I left company 1 year ago, and 3 months ago company ended its activity related to developing themes, and de-facto closed at all (because of considerable decrease in sales).
And when leaving i had to sign a contract where I wasn’t allowed to develop and sell themes for 10 years or so.