Is there any Option to increase our SALES?

Is there any Option to increase our SALES?
because my last sale was 2months back and which I uploaded that was rejected and I don’t why this rejected?:worried:

50% of your portfolio is Christmas items, so whatever happened you were going to see a 50% drop in sales in the New Year. Sure, some people buy Christmas items year round, but it’s pretty rare in January/February. And your remaining two items are almost exactly the same… so one of your remaining items is cannibalising sales of your other remaining item.

My advice… don’t rely so much of seasonal items. There’s nothing wrong with making them, but they shouldn’t really take up 50% of your portfolio. Build up a diverse portfolio first and then slip in the odd seasonal item. Forget about logos… they’re one of the hardest categories to get accepted in. Business cards as well.

Flyers are probably third on the list of things that are hard to get accepted, but keep trying. The valentines one doesn’t look bad, but maybe it doesn’t look good enough to cut the mustard. You need to be at the standard, or better than, the recently released flyers. Keep at it… work on your skills, see what sells, check out as many items as you can on GraphicRiver to get an idea of what they want and what they don’t want. Diversify your portfolio.


Thank you for reply,
Actually I have been trying few more flyers but everything gets continues rejected.

For Valentine’s day, I’m not able to get what mistake I have made so can you explain where is the problem starts?

Your first product is probably to generic, or too similar to free ones, and the second is pretty good, but the witewash type header and lack of lighting affects is probably what let you down.

You need to cut down on speed and put more into it. Speed comes later!


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