Is there any option to enable trending option

Hello, Nice to meet you all, How can i enable Trending option into my item? I saw different product has enable their Trending option into their Item product. Is it helpful for item or How can I enable this for my product.


You mean Featured Item?? in profile page?

You don’t get to judge this - it is chosen based on different factors and by envato

Please see the icon of the item, Actually I mean that

Is it automatically added? I saw some item got this after 1 day or 3 days, suddenly it’s gone. I don’t understand how could it happen.

Its based on “popularity” or interest in the item. Number of views, sales etc. So you just have to turn on the sales button :wink:

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Oh I understand but I saw some item does not very popular, sales only 15 times but its show trending icon. Okay but there are some logic if the item popular or visitor by the way :slight_smile:

If the item is sold 15 times during a short period of time it would probably be trending.

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wow that’s should be a good logic, thanks friend

Another things is that you know any tricks to increase sale :slight_smile: offtopics

Sacrifice goats in the name of Graham.

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Yeah, the goat thing is the only thing that guarantees sales.

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