Is There Any Holiday That I'm Not Aware Of ?!?

Always making same mistakes, playing and recording epic and ukulele music during christmas holidays, making guitarish whistling songs during halloween holidays.I’m not sure that I know all the holidays , so i need you guys to update me .
So we got : Christmas , New Year, Halloween and what else ?!?!

Thak you guys for your response and help ! Good Luck With You Sales !!!

I think those are the main holidays that really have their own kind of music.

Valentine’s Day :heart:

Easter. Not really sure what Easter music would entail though.

Talking about holidays, it was Martin Luther King Day on Monday in the US. My mum was telling me how she hadn’t got a payment from someone as the bank it;s coming from is American, and it’s a holiday there. I told her that it was Martin Luther King Day and she said “Aww, that’s a shame.”

I replied with “Er…it’s Martin Luther King day, a public holiday in the States. What did you think I said?”

“Oh, I thought you’d said Martin Luther King had just died”

“No, he’s not just died. But he is dead. Been a while, I think.”

Made me chuckle a little.


hehe :slight_smile: Ok , so I didn’t make any Marthin Luther King music :slight_smile:

How could I forgot this one :slight_smile:

Summer and Chinese New Year (Coming Soon) are what I can think of.

Try this…


…then try this if you’re thirsty for more! :smile:


Awesome resource! Only problem is… you got the seasons mixed up :wink:

When you make music, every day is a holiday! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How about St. Patricks Day? Maybe some Celtic music is in order!:four_leaf_clover:

I think AudioJungle authors ought to celebrate this…

Oh wait, authors already celebrate that special day every day of the year. :wink:

Oh, that’s a daily celebration for sure.

That and the “World Play Your Delayed Muted Corporate Guitar Harmonics Day” :sunglasses: