Is There An Easy Way to Update Web/App


So I usually buy PHP scripts and mobile apps from CodeCanyon. I customized most of my scripts/apps in terms of skins and some minor adjustments. I do have tons of purchases so I get an update alert on a weekly basis. My issue is I would have to apply all the changes I made every time there is a new release for one of the PHP scripts or mobile app and it consumes a lot of time.

Is there a better way to apply those changes/customization? I know GitHub is a useful tool for version control but it would be helpful if there is a tutorial on how to use GitHub for CodeCanyon updates in particular.



Updates on PHP scripts are quite common - probably not much different to Wordpress security improvements, or Windows updates to try to beat out potential security flaws.

If someone (like you or myself) make changes and modifications to the original scripts (however small or large) then the authors cannot be expected to factor this in when they update the ORIGINAL THEME/SCRIPT.

I tend to download the latest updates, check to see what it is the author is updating, and then use a software programme to compare their files to the files I have. It picks up all the changes and therefore allows me to make changes if needed quite quickly.

If you are using a Windows PC the software is called WinMerge

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Or you can use Ultra Compare which does the same thing …

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