Is there an Album Review Template?

I’m not even sure how to ask my question so that it makes sense.

I want to do a album review video for youtube. In some cases Ill review just one band and in others Ill review multiple bands. I’ve been looking through all your videos and havent found a good match yet.

Was looking for an After Effects template I could use and I see slide shows that I think would work if i can slow down the slides. My question is if i cannot find the exact template do i just buy something close then buy other elements like lower 3rds and other templates? Basically buy all the other stuff i need and piece together a bunch of different templates? Which will cost a ton of $$

I need a template that allows me to add in pictures but also has the ability for text to describe the music, band , etc… also a way to make bullet points. Ill be talking throughout and adding music to it.

Starting to think I am better off just learning After Effects and doing it myself.

Compiling multiple items is not necessarily as straight forward as it may seem and will almost certainly require more editing and just putting them into one together.

These templates are not meant as an out of the box solution and it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to find exactly what they are after as is. The idea is that it is a starting block to edit, build and fine tune and refine into what is needed.

You can always hire a freelancer to help but obviously this comes at a considerable cost.

Learning how to do it yourself is always the best option if you have the time, budget and resource needed to do that.

Hi @miked24

If you need custom work, feel free to contact me via my profile page. I am available for freelance work.