Is there a wordpress theme for a hotel where reservations can be edited?

Hi, I’m trying to find a theme for a Hotel (Hotel-Rural).
I am currently editing Howello, which has WP Hotel Booking for room management.
The problem I have, is that in my hotel you can book the entire Hotel, since it is a rural accommodation site, a rural house.
In WP Hotel Booking I have edited a room, to show the characteristics of the Complete Hotel.
The problem arises at the time of reservations, because when booking “Hotel Completo” on a date, the other rooms should no longer be available for those dates.
The client could book the rooms one by one, but it would be entertaining and I could leave my website in search of another option, and in the area where I live, we have a lot of competition in Rural Hotels.
You should also have a calendar of availability, showing the reservations already made.
Do you know of any subject that allows me to do this, book all the rooms from one of them? ?
I hope to see my needs explained.
Thank you.


Lot’s of hotel reservations/Booking theme are available in themeforest you just choose your one.

I think you will find out your chosen one from here


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Hi, thanks for your quick response.
I have reviewed many, but I do not know how to find out if he has what I say in my question and what I need.
I bought Howello thinking it was necessary, but WP Hotel Booking lacks that feature.
I can not buy all …
How do I see if they have what I need?
Is there a way to contact the author before buying?
Thanks, I’ll see all the topics one by one to see if they have what I’m looking for, and I’ll tell them if I was lucky, to solve this issue.

Sure you can contact with author before purchasing.

I’m giving you the way with screenshot


hope they will help you.

But remember today is Sunday they can give reply late

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Thanks for your support.
I’ll wait for tomorrow. Today I will see the issues to see which is the best for what I need.
Yesterday I saw the comments of some of the topics that I was seeing and I did not think about the option of leaving a comment asking.
Thanks, I’ll tell you how it goes.
It’s a shame, because I bought Howello, a very nice subject and with which the author helped me a lot to edit it, but the problem of the reservation plugin arose.
I like it a lot, but this problem is a problem as I said.
I hope I can find one that I can use.

I think this plugin can do it (but check with author)

As an alternative, if there is a theme which you really like - adding a ‘block booking’ setting to an existing booking system should not be tremendously complicated for a decent freelance


Hi @charlie4282 , I already tried WP Hotel Booking, but he told me that there is no possibility, and I’m very sorry, because Howello is an excellent topic.
I’ll see if I find one that has it, or as you say, to tell the author.
I have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, but in WordPress and PHP, my knowledge is scarce.
Thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes.
Thanks for your support.

Out of interest are you allowing immediate payment or just booking requests?

How is availability and registered bookings managed?

Depending on how these are managed are the two potential complications to custom adding the block booking feature

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I was still editing the Howello theme, I only had the payment “Offline payment” enabled the intention was to create the possibility of payment by card and payment with Paypal, but when I found the inconvenience of the possibility of closing the reservations of all rooms from a room created by me, this room being the entire Hotel, I stopped editing the theme.
As I said, I contacted through WordPress forums with the creator of the plugin, telling him if we could edit that room for my needs.
His response was that it was not possible.
I am currently studying Javascript, and creating applications with Node.js, and I see that in programming everything is possible.
I’m waiting for some response on your part, but I imagine it will be very busy, because I’ve been waiting for 4 days to respond in the forum.
It’s a pity, because the subject is very interesting, but the person in charge is not the author, in this case, he is the author of the plugin.
The author of the theme was very helpful with my personalization, because as I said, I’m a newbie in WordPress.
I’ll see if I find another topic that meets my needs.
Thank you.

May we suggest something different then only a theme to you?
There is iOS and Android for booking and reservation that’s based on Wordpress.

You may check here: