Is there a way to sort the search results by ascending/descending?

I’ve asked this already long ago but still can not find the answer. The button which should do it seems still doesn’t work. Huge amount of items being presented on the market are cut out by 60-pages results’ limitation and hidden somewhere out of visible universe’s borders. How to get them?

The simple example: I want to see the OLDEST items by some requested keywords/search limitations.

Is there any way?

Hi @Ladanauskas try this:

  1. Select “Price Low to High”
  2. In your browser modify the word “sort=price” to “sort=date”
  3. Profit

Example for Pop category

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Ahaha, wow it works. Thank you! :slight_smile: Wasn’t even to think this way, not the most obvious :alien: :smiley:

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