Is there a way to set a default video quality?

Every time I load a new video it sets the quality to 540p and then I have to change it to 720p for better quality. I was wondering if there is a way to default set that so I don’t have to change it every single time.

What do you mean by ‘load a new video’?

Essentially play another video.

So for example I’m viewing a video in 720p. When I’m done with that video lesson and move on to the next it reverts back to 540p even though the last video played was in 720p.

Ah right, sorry… didn’t notice your question was in the courses section (I.e. Tuts+).

I’m not sure of the answer to that unfortunately.

no worries

Any ideas on this one @jacksoncouse ? :smiley:

thanks for the heads up, @KingDog! Interesting question.

There isn’t a way to set the default video resolution in our player on a per-user basis. The way the player works, as I understand it, is that it runs a speed test before loading the video and selects the appropriate resolution for your internet connection. Usually, this errs on the side of caution and selects whatever quality is sure to play without interruption.

So basically our player is meant to load videos quickly and without loading delays, but the cost is slightly lower resolution (and having to manually select higher resolution when needed). I think it’s a good trade off overall, for most people.

What course are you working on @vein14? For the majority of them the difference between 540 and 720 shouldn’t be a big change in quality, but I can see how the extra resolution would matter for Design & Illustration or Photo & Video courses.


Thank you for your response. I mostly view coding courses and view them in full screen so 720p makes a difference when viewing code especially in full screen.