IS there a way to sell Software with only one year license?

Hello, everyone, I am new to Envato and wanted to sell a software which will only have a license for a year and after that, you need to buy the license again. So is there any way where Envato permit users to sell software in these terms and conditions?

Looking forward for some great answer.

In short no - that’s not how the licenses work here

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It’s impossible.

However, my main concern about Envato is updates vs support. Honestly, I never understood the reason why buyers at Envato get free lifetime updates, and only pay for support after 6 months. Usually, clients get X months of updates with their purchase (and they get free support during this period). When updates expire, clients can continue using old version, or pay for new version to get X months of updates again.

This way, authors can earn more money, which means marketplace (Envato, in this example) earns more too. Now, buyers almost never renew their support (because why should they, if they get free lifetime updates) and after their support expired, they start asking support-related questions via item’s comments form and/or start posting bad reviews if they don’t get support.

Maybe someone could tell a little bit more about the reason of such business model? Thank you.

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It’s probably due to the bigger model being used.

  • The license dictates that envato cannot guarantee lifelines of item availability (because they don’t own the copyright). As such - the ‘Lifetime updates’ can be offered because there is no ‘guarantee’ on the timeframe.

  • If a buyer actively purchases 6 months i.e. a specified period of support then envato/authors have to honor that or else will face complications and refunds etc. Envato most likely feels that they can safely balance author and buyer interests and expectations by offering the initial 6 months, before it warrants renewal.

  • Also support is an individual thing for unique buyers so takes longer than updates which are All-buyer wide and more general

If you want to earn more money per buyer, just increase your prices.