Is There a Way to Reactivate Purchase Code without Theme Designer/Support?


I designed a website on a temporary URL which I had to register the theme purchase code to, but now that I have moved the finished site to the permanent new URL I cannot get into theme options because the purchase code is verified to the old temporary URL.
I have been sending theme support tickets for two months and they are completely ignored. I am nearly losing my client because I can’t make specific changes due to having no access to theme options.
I have deleted all the old temporary URL website folders and URL.

So my question is- Can I move/reactivate the theme purchase code somewhere in the backend of the new site/new URL myself without having to wait for theme support to do it?

The theme is MotoHero by SFwebservices/SF Themes. I think they are based in Thailand, but I cannot even find a phone number.

My messages are being seen by admin but they’re not replying, and no replies to my support tickets.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Most of the time, staging website is allowed for the themes to be used but it has to be a subdomain/folder ( staging.domainname. com / domainname. com/staging )

If you register the theme with different website and requesting an URL change, that is actually considered a new project and you may need to register a new copy.

This is the case you need to solve it with the author. You should post a comment on the item details page and wait for a respond.

As you can edit the source code you can also remove the lock if you are a developer. But it may take too much time to make it worth

And how would I do that? I know how to access the code.

With respect if this is not easily apparent to you already then you are better off hiring a freelancer to help because it’s not straight forward and you could end up making things more complicated for yourself


OK thanks for the advice.