Is there a way to find a link of my deleted item.

I deleted some of my items some time ago, but when I re-uploaded them recently, they were rejected.

It is not allowed to re-upload the same item which already was on market.

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It was on the market, It is not now because I deleted it. And one can re-upload their deleted items, I already did that with one of my item. And My Question is, Is there a way to find the link of my deleted items.

Hello! Well, in general, is it possible you remember the title of your item? Try google search.

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On google it does not show my deleted item link (but other items with similar tags.)

If you deleted recently, and correctly write the title, then google search should show (sometimes some results search are hidden, open them too) .
Tell me the exact title of the item?

normally if he linked his item somewhere , to promote for instance, he should be able to to see it all the same … but people away from the owner should not if i am correct

I think you are breaking rules here - on this way all of us can delete and re-upload items and again to be on first page (to promote it as new item).

Maybe, there is a option to contact support team on Envato and they to enable again your deleted items (not to be again on the first page, as new one).


I deleted those links as well.


But new item on first page does not work, because know they show the best sellers on the first page.

But you may be right about re-uploading is not allowed or they have different conditions. I will talk about it to contact support.

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You got approval mail from Envato on registered mail. You can check for link there.