Is there a way to challenge an item soft rejected?

My project was soft rejected and CodeCanyon claims that I need to implement more features in order to be accepted. However, I fully disagree with that. I designed and built my flutter app after researching what type of apps were already available in CodeCanyon. My flutter app is a Social Network (full app) that has all features that any social network has, but in addition to that, I have implemented all data & security features required by Apple to protect user’s privacy. Meaning, no other app in this category in CodeCanyon has these features. I am very disappointed with this situation and I don’t know how to react because apparently there is no way to “reply” to whom took this decision. Is there something that can be done? Thank you!

The only thing you can do in this situation is create a support ticket with envato support team here

Hi @UnitedOver Thank you for your suggestion. I will create a support ticket.