Is there a way to automate link generation?


My current workflow of having to log into impact and use the link generator is repetitive and a waste of resources. Is there a way to automatically generate links? Or a link structure we can use?

Can you please clarify, would you like to generate many links at once? How many you would like to generate?

Thanks for the response. It’s not so much that I want to do a ton of links all at once. Here is an example:

When a audio track that I write is accepted in AudioJungle, I have a script that generates a video from the accepted track and publishes that video to YouTube. Currently I have to manually create the referral link by signing into impact and copy pasting the link. Under the old system, the URL had a specific structure so it was easy for me to have the script automatically generate the referral link for me.

Thanks for your help!

Feel free to try this link generator we have built that sits outside Impact and doesn’t require you to log in -
Hope that helps!

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