Is there a way to actually contact Envato? Waiting on approval for PHP script

Hi guys, firstly I had really great difficulty to even reach the point of being able to post this question on the forum. For some reason, even though I was logged into codecanyon, it kept asking me to login here. Anyways…

I’m looking for a way to contact ‘Envato’ since I posted a new script and was waiting approval - however the dashboard doesn’t even show the script nor a status so I’m not sure if something went wrong.

I’ve looked all over the website to find a way to contact Envato - can’t find a single link - can someone help me out?


You can contact them Envato Author Support

But if your item is not visible in the profile then it’s been hard rejected (checked notification settings) and support won’t provide feedback on why.

Thank you for the response, so I wouldn’t even receive an email if it was hard rejected? What sort of marketplace is this???

You should do but it won’t have any detailed feedback.

It may have gone into spam or else you need to check that you have email notifications turned on in your profile.

If your item is soft rejected, then that will not show in the dashboard. You will get it under hidden items. Did you check there first?

If that item is not there, that means your item is hard rejected.

For hard reject or soft reject, you should receive an email. If you do not get that, you can check your spam folder. Or check the notification settings.