Is there a tool that can create a webpage in pure html, css and js from url passed to it?

Is there a tool or script that receives a URL of webpage and create/recreate it in pure HTML, CSS and JS rather than just downloading it?

You mean clone the original site?

Yes, but if possible not just save it like the “save page as” option in browsers. I am looking for something that can re-create the specified web page in pure HTML, CSS and JS.

I would have thought that any tool (esp as this is a slightly dubious activity) will only operates in a similar way to the “save page as” process.
The export may end up slightly better organised but it’s unlikely to ever be clean and well written code

Yes Agreed! There has to be a AI tool that can look at the design of a page (like humans do) rather than looking at its source code and re-create it from scratch.

The reason it’s unlikely is that ultimately what any tool would create is a copy based on the source code (with the best AI in the world this would still account for 80% + of recreating anything).

It sounds like what you are after is more like a “copy and optimise” solution which raises the question of subjectivity and then the challenge of bad practice may be essential to achieve certain functionality.

At the end of the day, what you are describing would be great, but done properly would be hugely complex, expensive and would then need to be tailored to some extent for each individual site!! I doubt there is enough call or potential profit in someone building this.