Is there a Theme with these features?



I am looking for a WordPress Theme with a number of features - none of which are new or difficult - but I can’t find a single theme that offers all of them. I’m a photographer looking to make my galleries big and thus far I have purchased 4 only to find during the build out that it is incapable of doing one function or another. It seems that everyone makes their homepages like this, but nobody make a gallery that does what the homepages do. Basically I just want to feature the images.

I’ve found a bunch that meet MOST of these criteria but for example the theme “Photography” doesn’t support crossfade - only a slide. Rev Slider is not SEO friendly. (RoyalSlider and LayerSlider also miss some of the requirements" Ideally , the feature would be part of the theme and not a plug-in. But whatever it takes…
Does anyone know of a WP theme that can support ALL of the following functions?

Fully responsive. Hi Res. Mobile compatible.
Simple, smooth cross-fade of images in a FULLSCREEN gallery (or lightbox). (without a big flash to white/black in between the crossfades)
Auto play of full screen gallery
Ability to define play speed of slides in that fullscreen gallery (e.g. 3 secs each)
Ability for user to “next” and “back” gallery images or bring up thumbnails to navigate
Ability to have image fill the browser without having any “scroll”.
Images in Fullscreen Galleries can support alt-tags or at least captions for SEO.
Floating transparent logo that can go in the upper left hand corner.
A hamburger that will cause a side menu to slide out.
Touch compatible on mobile devices (swipe left/right).

And the following nice to haves but not a requirement:
Ability to pause and restart gallery play.
Ability to show gallery true full-screen (jquery type full-screen meaning covering the true full monitor screen - e.g. F11 function)
Ability to define image center for scaling purposes (as in Revolution Slider allows defining of an “off center” center point around which the image scales.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.