Is there a theme already for a commercial product number configurator?

I’m in the commercial product space, not retail, and the products are made up of some times 15 fields of ‘choices’ that need to be made in order for a full product number to be created. I’m looking to see if anyone ever made a theme similar to this that would allow a customer to select a base product, then visually help them select all of fields in order to come up with a valid part #. The admin would need the ability to design each unique part, and upload pics for the options and designate which option fields go first, second, third, etc…

Picture a commercial lock. You have a manufacture to pick first. Then a base lock type, the the lever design and whether there is a key needed, Or it could have a keypad. As the user moves to each option, there would be all of the appropriate selections visually down below for them to scroll through and select. These would show the text code of the option, plus a picture of the option, plus the price affect that option might have.

This is NOT needing a shopping cart or an online payment system. The purpose of this would just be for creating the full part # visually. Oh and there should be an ‘easy button’ which brings up the ‘vanilla’ version of the product. So if the customer didn’t want to actually go through the selection process, they could bring up 2 or 3 of the base part # fields then hit ‘give me the vanilla part #’. That would be nice.

Hey @RickR1,

Sounds to me like what you’re looking for isn’t actually a theme but rather a form builder plugin (that you can add to a theme).

Customer answers questions and the plugin spits out info based on the answers received. Take a look around for different types of form builders on CodeCanyon and see if that looks like the right tone.