Is there a template with an integrated booking system?

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I am currently investigating the best option for an E-Commerce multi-service store. It will need a booking system either integrated or compatible for integration. I am a real newbee here with this. According to some tutorials Flatsome is supposed to be the best for E-commerce. From what I can see on the demos, it is more suitable for selling physical products. I am selling services that need a proper booking system with a calender etc. Can anyone advise please? Thanks in advance!

you can check this:

Thank you! 2 questions:

  1. Does that one have other templates?

  2. Does this one connect to flatsome studio?

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Also is there a simpler version with a booking system? Our customers do not need to have a profile.

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flatsome is a separate theme especial for woocommerce. I think would be great if you check those theme with your developer. may be you have to customize the theme to fulfill the requirements and also may have to integrate plugins.
you can check booking plugins here:


There are numerous booking plugins on the link shared by @mgscoder, many with guest checkout (although there will need to be some form of records for people to record when the booking is made for.

There are also quite a few that are intended to work with WooCommerce and may therefore function with Flatsome (which while a good theme is far from the only option).

The thing is that there is a LOT more you need to consider for a site like that beyond the theme and booking.

  • You will need some decent hosting (that will not be cheap)

  • You are going to be handling a lot pf peoples’ data so you need to have the right protection and security in place

  • Managing any site with that type of functionality etc. is not a beginner’s job and if updates are needed then that may well require technical support

  • It sounds like there may well be more which you discover you want or need so 99% you are going to need a develop to help you

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