Is there a set up tutorial?



I am completely overwhelmed. This cannot be that hard, yet there is no wp-content folder, nothing that I am used to.
Can someone send me a ink to something where I can learn?


Hi @SharonEJackson–sorry to hear you’re stuck. Which course/tutorial are you having trouble with?


Are you trying to install theme? Check theme help doc.


Hello Ian. I downloaded smartmag. I have uploaded the WP files to the folder yet when I go to the page, there is nothing there, nor is there anything in view Source. Obviously I am missing something critical.

Thank you for your help,


Thank you, I will start going through that now.


@SharonEJackson you might find it useful to watch some of the lessons in this (free) course.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress


Thanks Ian. I am not a beginner. I have built close to 300 Wordpress sites using the free themes. This is the first time I have ever tried using a purchased theme. I just need to read the documentation first. i.e. I see no wp-content folder. But perhaps it will all be explained.


It doesn’t look like Wordpress itself is installed properly. The theme documentation won’t cover that.

Id suggest making sure all the WP files are correctly in your root directory before trying to add the theme files as the WP-content fielder is one of these so should be visible


You are right, there is no wp-content, or wp-admin or wp-includes.

Admins, do I have to re-download? Advice please.


Did you install WordPress independently first (nothing to do with the theme) or just upload the contents of the theme folder?

That looks like you just added the contents of the theme folder that you bought straight into an empty directory?


Oh gosh. Sorry, I did not know I had to install WordPress first. I assumed this would be the “full meal deal” I shall install wordpress to that directory now. Thanks.


Hi @SharonEJackson,

I shall install wordpress to that directory now. Thanks.

I don’t think that’s quite right. I don’t have experience with WordPress themes from ThemeForest, but it looks to me like these files are supposed to be installed into a new theme within the WordPress wp-content/themes folder.

My suggestion is to:

  1. Install WordPress to a new folder.
  2. Create a new empty theme and install it to wp-content. Perhaps with underscores?
  3. Unzip the theme files pictured above into your new theme folder.

@charlie4282 Does that look right to you?


I think the confusion was that WordPress itself was not installed prior to trying to upload the theme.

It sounds like @SharonEJackson understood the file from here to include not just the theme but the core WP files also, which would not have been the case.

Once WP is installed the wp-content folder will be visible and the theme could then be uploaded (or installed as a zip via WP admin).

@adamarthurryan is pretty much spot on if you don;t mind using another directory otherwise the necessary steps (if not already solved) would be:

  • Delete those files in the screenshot
  • Install and setup WP in the same directory (visit and upload downloading the necessary files and completing the installation setup).

Then you can either:

  • upload the theme folder (unzipped) to wp-contents or
  • visit your downloads page here and click the ‘download’ button selecting ‘Installable WordPress Files Only’ and upload the (zip) folder using WP-admin.


@charlie4282 I have installed WordPress and now I shall upload the whole smart-mag folder to wp-content.
I seem to be on my way now. I have never heard of Bunyad Page Builder, Bunyad Shortcodes and Bunyad Widgets.but will install as required. Thank you for your help


Having uploaded the WP files have you fully installed and set Wordpress up - so when you visit the URL you see the basic 2016 theme?

Assuming this is done then…

You may find it easier to download the zip and do to from the WP-admin.

If you want to use FTP the. Yes drop the entire theme folder into WP-content >> themes

Make sure:

  1. that you DO NOT upload files individually. I.e drop the entire folder in one go

  2. that you are uploading ONLY the theme folder and not the one with documentation and other stuff in it.


I can see the page now. But I cannot find Bunyad anything, either in Wordpress Plugins or on line generally. Looking in the documentation now, but it just says to enable them, not where.