Is there a place where we can see what tracks we have submitted for approval?

Hey guys, how’s it going?

I have submitted some tracks to audio jungle back in 2018 and had more rejected tracks then approved ones, and so I felt a bit discouraged and and stopped working on Library Music.
(positive side note, one of my rejected tracks here in audio jungle got picked up by crucial music, and with one usage it made me way more than i’ve gotten for 6 sells here.)

I am now planning to get back to submitting music here and i have a few things tracks that are almost finished, and some that seem finished and just need some tweaks in the mix.

I would like to know which tracks i’ve already submitted so I don’t submit them again, but i can’t find that option… is there a place where i can check that?


Probably just your e-mail inbox - every time a track gets approved/ rejected, there is a confirmation email from Envato (Your “track name” was approved/rejected). Not sure there are any other options for that

Thanks PhreaSpirit. Unfortunately I deleted those e-mails.

It’s a pitty that there’s no “track submission history”. Seems to me like a useful thing.

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