Is there a news theme which has "short titles"

Hi there,

alot of news website uses “short titles”. I have no other idea how to explain it, so I will post a few examples. The first one is a general news website, the last two are football news website:


I am looking for news themes that has these “short titles”. I want to make a football news website but almost every theme uses large pictures with big, flashy titles.

Is there a (news) theme that looks like this? I prefer the style from the second and last picture, with the “flags”.

Sorry for my bad English, I dont know how to explain this.


I understand what you’re looking for.
You just need a plugin (which provides a shortcode to add to your page), that displays posts in this way (only titles, maybe with some additional content as in second and third screenshots).
Because choosing an entire theme just for the sake of this element doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I’m not sure if you can find such a plugin for free, probably you would need someone to create it.
It doesn’t look like a lot of work so it should not be expensive.
Good luck !

Thank you for your response, i’ve actually found a theme that has what i’m looking for. Jnews 2.0 if anyone is interested!