Is there a Multiple License available?

I am creating an interface for a bootstrap based UI which is the front end to a piece of software that creates multiple instances of the UI for clients.


Single instance of the UI

Can create endless variations of the UI behind a login for endless clients

Is there a license that covers that?


1 license/purchase = 1 website/installation

OK thanks - shame, I like some of the themes but will look elsewhere :slight_smile:

And extended license?

No difference - there is no license for websites or themes which allow more than one end product/website/installation.

Extended licenses are simply relevant to how that end product functions e.g if users have to pay to access the site

Understand. Thanks

I’ve also wanted an option like this. When you find a good theme you want to reuse it often, but particularly when you are up against a bad exchange rate - the $ amount is massive. I’d happily pay a higher licence fee - or pay a reduced licence fee each time (if that makes sense). But I suppose we all have to make money somehow :slight_smile: