Is there a developer available for a custom job?

I am developer of site for my customer Carly Dickson, my email is I am totally dismayed with the failure of [REMOVED Calling out authors, files or individuals] after 7 days of emailing him 3 times, he has not replied. We require an urgent customisation of LoveTravel Wordpress theme. [REMOVED Calling out authors, files or individuals]

I only have a really really simple customisation required i.e. its for white font to appear on some black box backgrounds (for search queries results and Woo product category grids). At the moment, a whole heap of black boxes are showing black font, hence we cant read the text.
This job could surely be done by someone who is familiar with Lovetravel theme? is anyone able to put me in touch with a developer who could do this job?
[REMOVED Calling out authors, files or individuals]. Thanks
Gillian McAven

Try posting your project on or… For sure you eill get someone…as a developer it will be easy for him to modify and edit any theme since its just css modifications and using general wordpress function


contact me my skype : hit.jariwala


contact me…

Thank you so much. I have had a number of emails arrive too, I will start looking at these. I am very relieved! I hope it will be simple…

Hi Mabuc,
Please send me an email to my, so we can talk. thanks

I’m currently working on another integration but I will finish it soon. After, I could help you. Could you please send me an email via the contact form below?




Please send me email,


I have selected a developer to look at it now, so as a courtesy I will post again to confirm it got done.