Is there a code booklet (pdf) we can look at for songs to get accepted?

Hi guys, I was talking to nonzerobot yesterday and the one song I submitted so far is probably going to be rejected due to factors he told me about. Is there any kind of a guide we can look at to know what envato wants for audios by genre and all else? Thank you much.

I don’t think there’s a pdf guide like this, but not long ago, there was an Envato webinar talking about ways to avoid rejections (not exactly what you’re searching, but maybe it could help a bit). There was a video of it posted on the forum, but I can only find a text resume for now: The top rejection reasons in the AudioJungle review process (and how to avoid them)

That works for me… thanks again Nonzerobot!

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Here’s the youtube link:

… Or not…
Somethings wrong, not possible to post links. Maybe it will show up later :slight_smile:

I managed to get the link at . Thank you too!

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