Is there a change in tax?

Last night I’ve sold 2 clips to non US. country at $9 each normally I would get $4.95 after tax etc. but from these 2 sales I got $5.04 each. Is there a new price change?

Not that I’m complaining…

You’ve probably crossed the next $3,750 threshold.

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Hi SpaceStockFootage

From the earning page : Total value of your sales, before taxes: $22,530.00
and from my calculation I’ve made $3,039.00 so I haven’t reach $3,750.00 yet.

$22,500 is one of the thresholds, so you’re $30 into the next bracket. Congrats!

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Thank you very much.

Where we car read about this thresholds?

Ok, I uderstand. Thank you!
I’m very close to the first threshold but I am not exclusive autihor.