Is there a catch behind envato elements?

I’m sure this gets asked a lot and I did my research and the answer I got to was simply no.

Of the $ spent last year on designs and plugins from themeforest I noticed a lot are available on Envato Elements. If I understand it correctly even if I subscribed for 1 month and downloaded all those themes and plugins I would’ve paid only ~30 euro combined instead of ~30 euro per product?

Seems too good to be true but… yeah


The subscription means that you can download anything from These items may/may not be also available on themeforest, graphicriver, videohive etc

There’s also no support or updates for elements items as with typical purchases and you can’t stockpile elements purchases - you have to be subscribed when completing a project

Yes I’m merely talking about those available there.
E.g. last month I spent about $200 on themes and plugins from themeforest + codecanyon that were all available on Elements after checking it. So I basically wasted the $150+ if I don’t care about support correct?

Thanks for the swift reply.

I’d be more concerned about the Lack of updates - depending on your technical ability that could be a big expense to resolve (an hour of a decent developers time would be $50 upward)

Ah yeah forgot about those for a second… good point. Yearly it is

Thanks again!