Is Themeforest turning into Outlet Market?

Hello community! At first glance it really look like to big outlet market if you just look at Popular items. Being author myself, I guess what authors feel and think. But what Envato staff think about their biggest market turning into outlet?

Everyday more and more items sale off. It is effect of domino, I predict that after few months all items will have label with discount. Imagine you entered to shop and see all goods with discounts. What you will think at first? You came to outlet.

Why not to create petition, where all authors may vote for ADP or Not. It would be fair, if community is counted.

I’m sure that Envato is against “race to bottom” business model which is beginning of the end in longterm


Why should Envato be against a race to the bottom? The price tag doesn’t matter as they always earn the same per sale. The are now interested in quantity over quality.


Answer is yes.

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yeah let’s play a new game, refresh this search page and list as many “cheap related” keywords as you can, You will get a “Winner of a contest” badge.

And I wonder if there is really a coupon valid on TF?

If you check the link carefully, you will see that it’s a strategy to get a referral.