Is Themeforest stopped accepting Adobe Muse Templates?


Mu Adobe Muse template is pending in review queue from almost 25 days. Few days ago on it was showing that Muse templates take 24 days to review. But now all other themes and templates review time has come down to 15 days and it doesn’t showing any time for Muse Template. So is it the sign that Themeforest is going to stop accepting Muse Templates? Should I submit new templates or not?

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Hi there:

I think that you not need submit again but you can wait with patience surprise come email if approved you template muse but you can make more template muse later if approved you can submit new template :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it is impossible to predict how long a review will take. You’ll need to wait patiently until they get to you.

Reviewers are only human, and sometimes the unexpected can happen and cause review delays.

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My concern is not the review time. I am on themeforest for more than 6 years so I know about the review process. Please read my thread once again and then answer it.


There is no official announcement that Muse templates are not being accepted.

Yes no official announcement but why their review time disappear from .

It will be great if Ivor cleared the things on this.

Don’t know but to say they aren’t accepting new templates is absurd considering one just got accepted 7 min ago…


Thank God. Finally they are back :slight_smile:

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Sweet. Good luck with your item mate. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mate :slight_smile: