Is Themeforest doesn't approve of new authors?


Here are my submitted items and got hard reject:

I need to get a response from the review team. Especially the one who reviews my work.
Probably lost in the queue of screenshots

Envato support team doesn’t give enough reason why the item rejected. (What’s wrong with this etc…)

Thank you.

(edit. changed links)

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Just followed all of the technical requirements…

Response please,

@kailoon @michael_I @emiluzelac @Ivor @Crusader12 @fmontes @pasqualevitiello @LoveThemes @vailjoy

Thank you

It has nothing to do with the fact that you are the new author. Your item looks nice, but CV/Resume is probably one of the most overcrowded categories on the marketplace, so maybe the reviewer didn’t think it is unique enough or something.

If it is a 100% your work, then try to improve it more, take a look at bestsellers in the category to see what kind of feature they offer etc.

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My advice is to contact a good UI designer to help you improve this. Your work looks good but is not ThemeForest quality!

No more confidence to submit the next item…

Thank you @Envato

Don’t give up.
I’m a new author and I passed.

Who was your reviewer?

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A common reason for a hard reject, is that marketplace is full of similar/identical items.