Is ThemeForest better than the GeneratePress theme?

My name is Jerry Phillips,
I have a website that uses the GeneratePress theme for SkateboardCave but I’m having some problems. That’s why I want to use your ThemeForest. I want to know if my website can be better designed than what I have? Answering will benefit.

To be short: Yes, your site can be much better looking using themes from Themeforest,
You can check our themes if you like: or you can search here

Cheers and Good Luck.

Hello Jerry,

Honestly current design of your site is not looking good. So if you buy any template it will looking better than current design.
Directory Listing is enabled on your site. This can lead to information leakage.
You need to hide it.

I use different themes from themeforest and I’ve also used generate press in a website made for different Japanaese knife types. GP is also good for it. It depends on the project that which theme will suit it.