Is the video guide in main upload forbidden?

Im in quite curious situation.

Today (after four days in queue, although the official graphics queue is two days) I have received “soft rejected” item because of video guide included in upload. Staff member (for now Reviewer 1) said:

Remove the video guide from the main file, video files can not be included in the main file. Note that we recommend one use a free video service such as Youtube or Vimeo rather than include the video in the main file.

I have to provide help (required by rules), but I cant provide video (the most popular and understandable help)?
Making help and promo files takes half of all work, and it is really easier to make screen recording then make screenshots and do all job inside InDesign or something to create hundred page publication.

Very strange is that in same day I have updated another item with the video guide included and the file was reviewed with no problem by another staff member, we can call him Reviewer 2.

I can remember another situation with the Reviewer 1, where he asks me to remove copyright from preview image, since Envato is covering by its own copyright (which anyway is false I think, cause Envato is market, not the copyright owner). Funny is that on every single item I have provided the copyright info…

So finally: is there any new rule saying we cant use video guide?

Thank you for answer :slightly_smiling:

hi, wellfor me it makes sense, as not only some buyers are concerned about the wait of the files that they have to download, plus , i guess that envato is not willing to increase spaces on servers for kind of additional contents if u wish …