Is the sound of the Zippo lighter patented?

I work in a movie. Even in the last century, we were forbidden to use the sound of Zippo’s lighters in films, because it’s patented. Foley artists of the studio explained that this sound can only be used with the written permission of the company Zippo. We stopped using this …
AudioJungle sells a huge amount of these sounds. Maybe this is a myth (about the patent)? Or a violation of the patent here does not bother anyone?
Enlighten me if someone has competence in this matter!

If the sound is patented, the authors can not sell it here) But the management of such objects is very weak on Aj…

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I would not risk it, because the producer of the video will be punished. But, the buyer will present a license from Envato. Then who will be sued?

I don’t know.

But the issue is interesting. The sound of Zippo have no differences from any other metal gasoline lighters which are of many other perfectly legal brands. How it can be trademarked by one specific company? It’s like to copyright the toilet flashing, guitar or car horn at it’s whole… Weird.

I bet the buyer will be sued at first. If he doesn’t have the direct permission from copiright’s owner. The buyer could get the subject by any other way, by recording the Zippo himself for example.

On Envato side – Envato is just a “platform” which keeps all responsobilities for the copirights on authors personally. It reminds you this every time you finish to filli the submitting form :wink:


This whole thing sounds like an urban legend. I’m not convinced they could have a mechanical sound like that copyrighted. And even if they did, if you are providing a lighter sound effect using foley, it’s not the true sound of a Zippo… so where’s the legal grounds to sue?


I didn’t read attentively but can’t find nothing about sound specifically so far.

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I read everything - about the sound there is nothing! :wink: Thank you!

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Got it. Thanks for the detailed answer!

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Probably it’s a myth. But, perhaps the company Zippo had some proceedings with Hollywood (and won the process), and only rumors have reached us … Probably.

And by the way. I’ve seen so many lighters which look, work and… sound as Zippo. So even if use of Zippo’s recording has been forbidden (I doubt it), recording of its imitations should be legal.

So if I were Zippo, I would sue those imitations haha.


“Zippo-click” - Unique sound. Sound creates a patented device. If necessary, it will be as evidence.

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This is the logic …

True. Also, good luck proving that an actual Zippo was used :sunglasses:

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