Is the reviewer now always rejected the Videohive item?


I haven’t uploaded a new project in a long time, the last time I uploaded a new project was 10 months ago.

Yesterday and now I uploaded 2 new projects and all of them were rejected. Is there anything new that I don’t know about? has the reviewer now been replaced with a new one and no longer Placdarms or Baf?

My project was rejected with the same notification via email. Is the standard now being raised?

I include this link to see the preview of the rejected video. Just to let you know that the project I made is a request from my buyer who has bought the first version of the item that has sold more than 500.

I made the second version but the reviewer rejected my item. Please give a conclusion regarding this project.

Here is the link to see the preview.

Thank you.

Hi :slight_smile:
Cons that I see:

  • I do not like fonts.
  • I do not see any distinct style in the design.
  • Sometimes the scenes are repeated.
  • There is no tasty color scheme.
  • The market is full of high-quality projects of similar subjects
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Basically, Standards are raising every months or even weeks, so what was accepted 10 months ago might be easily rejected nowadays.

As for item itself - it is to simple, there is almost no animation and no design


Hi guys, Thank you for the feedback. maybe I stayed in the cave too long and didn’t follow the 2020 trend! haha :laughing: :laughing:

I like the drive and how you synced it to the music, there is a good dynamic that you can feel. So this is not a case of bad execution animation wise. It is a fair bit too simple in some scenes, I think the reveal of the speakers is the weakest, and I was literally thrown off by the lower thirds that show the speakers name that don’t really fit the rest of the style.

There are many openers like this so quality standards are raised quickly.
I do think that if you work more on some design details and replace those weird speaker reveals and Lower Thirds, this could get an approval.

But hurry, or quality standards are raised again :smiley:

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Thanks @Creattive for the feedback.

adding tracking animation to text will greatly improve it right now they look pretty static.