Is the Audio Jungle voice tag contains noise?

Hello friends,

I noticed that some of my old items contained a little noise. I thought it was the noise of my processor plugins. But when i listened to my main tracks. It’s no noise at all.
So i have tried used the gate for removing all the noise but the voice tag.
Anyone has the same issue?
*note : please listen to by headphone. I used Akg k712 and it was very sensitive with noise, distortions…

I believe that noise is on purpose… but I might be wrong?

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Or maybe the noise of recording signal. It’s very subtle, but when you do the mastering, the noise is loud enough to be heard.

Definitely the watermark is added after mastering, using a limiter only to clip the 0.0 dB so it doesn’t boost the noise. But I believe if you gate it out there is no problem…


Yes it’s a bit of a noisy watermark, I use a noise gate on it as well.

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The watermark is noisy and does not meet commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately. :sunglasses:


hahaha make another mix for watermark @FirstNote :smiley:

There is noise, but it is very subtle and i had to pump up the limiter to the max to hear it in headphones. Since it is usually placed after loud mastered track i see no issues here at all.

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I think the quality of the audio tracks submitted rather than the watermark should be under discussion. IMO.

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Yes after mastering track, the noise come out. So beware with it. Thank you @Phreaspirit

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Yes, you are right. But i don’t want the customers thought that the purchased items contains noise @gballx . As i notice a lot of Audio Jungle tracks contain noise.

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