Is Specular theme in test mode?



I have a few outstanding issues in the codeless support forum, and judging by the number of issues that show up on there daily, I wanted to know if the Specular theme is still in test mode? My purchase comes with 6 months of codeless support, but I am concerned I am going to have to pay for more given the number of issues with the theme. Also I cannot figure out how to review the theme on Envato, but notice there are 4.5 star reviews on there. Anyone know how to do that?


What do you mean by ‘test mode’ - its been out for over a year and is quite established.

You are submitting support requests here: ? How long it should take depends on the issues and they do not give a guideline How long ago did you submit a request? We cna see that they replied via comments 3 days ago and their responses on their seem very fast.

If your purchase is within the 6 months policy then you can email envato about it assuming it falls into reasonable support query etc. they will help you.

In terms of reviewing your file got to your downloads and click the little stars next to the file and you can fill out the review form


By test mode, I meant is it still in a trial and error period hence the issues, but your answer suggests not.

Thank you for the links to Envato and reviews, that is most helpful.