Is not updated anymore?

Sales figures etc. are not updated. I even saw some old tracks that aren’t available anymore that are still shown on

I had noticed this already some months ago but thought it would only be temporary. But - no changes still… So - will soundizer just continue to show these old values indefinitely?

Does anyone know something about this? Has anybody contacted the owner?

It would be a shame if this great service would just slowly fade away… Maybe we can help to save it?

It doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried to contact soundizer in the past and no response. You should try. Others should try. It was a great thing while it lasted!

Yeah, that’s really a shame. Such a great site/service…

Yet I guess it was first and foremost a business idea (earning money through affiliate links) and I could imagine that this simply didn’t work out as expected (the costs of running the site vs. income). That’s pure speculation though…

Anyhow - would be great to see this great site up and running with updated values again someday.

I hope that every user felt free to buy him a coffee. :wink: I did it twice.