Is something weird going on with images?

Chrome here having issues displaying images and warning about the envato ssl certificate,saying it expired yesterday. Anyone else having this issue?

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Yes. I’m seeing the same thing.

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Seeing the same issue.

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Thought maybe my new s10+ phone’s date and time was set wrong or something as that sometimes messes with ssl stuff. Glad it’s not just me :joy:

Is there somewhere proper to report this or are the forums fine?

same here

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I’ll let the Dev team know now. Thanks!


Same to everyone… just checked… new experiment…??

+1 and the same is going on VideoHive
plus, you’re unable to watch vh previews

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I’m on a Mac and videos stop playing yesterday.

Yes, the same issue

yes same here, no matter what browser.

Yes, I can’t see all the images

Images should be displaying properly now.


They do indeed.

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