Is revolution slider causing mobile menu not to function

I have an HTML theme I purchased from theme-forest SANCIA that came with a responsive banner that I removed. I inserted a revolution slider that is functioning properly. The site looks good in desktop mode but in mobile view I cant get the mobile menu to replace the desktop menu. Need a revolution slider expert to tell me if the the slider is causing the issue. the site is

You might want to check the browser console, as it is full of serious JS errors … most importantly the fact, that jQuery is not defined, which will cause most routines on your site to fail (which probably includes the menu).

You are loading jQuery at the end of the page (line 610), but your site is calling upon and requiring jQuery much earlier, so move that line before line 31, which should fix most issues. For full compatibility, you might also want to consider loading the jQuery Migrate file.

Thank you for your response, i moved the JQ up in the head, but didnt resolve the issue.

You moved it to line 75, and not before line 31, which is what my initial response advised you to do. You are still loading jQuery too late, causing critical JS errors on your page. jQuery needs to be loaded before any of the other JS files on your page, which means that line 30 is the last line you can load jQuery, because on line 31, you are already loading the prettyPhoto script, which requires jQuery to be present.