Is removing ThemeCheck Plugin required/warning error required?

I am trying to submit a theme in the Theme Forest for the 1st time so i am not totally aware of all the theme submission rule so seeking for some help.

I got a message for the reviewer “Please resolve all warning and required messages output by the Theme Check plugin”

I am using Redux Framework for theme option panel and also created a custom post type and these two thing are showing the required/warning error with the ThemeCheck plugin.

I then checked some of the popular themes like “Total”, “Bridge”, “Elise”, “Enfold”, “NewsPaper” with ThemeCheck plugin and none of these themes are free of required/warning error. So i am confused whether the error is on my side or review.

Can someone please share your thoughts on this?

Your theme should pass all tests from Theme Check plugin. You should solve all your problems (notices, warnings or errors) reported.

Now, regarding Redux, you should only use the example config that comes for extending the plugin in theme. This way your theme should not have issues with redux check checking with Theme Check.

Regarding other popular themes, all theme were approved 1-2-3 etc years ago. Maybe they added features on update. One thing is clear you cannot compare a new item with a popular one approved few years ago because approval requirements are changing all the time.

Hope this makes sense for you!


I want to ask you please how you can add Redux Framework’s custom fields to post-types (custom post types included). If it’s not possible, then what framework do you use to add custom fields to posts, pages and custom post types editing page?

Thanks in advance

You can’t create metaboxes for pages/custom post types with Redux Framework. Best way to achieve that is by using the CMB2

Very clear, thank you!