Is Rejection automated in graphicriver. Please help me understand !

Hello everyone,

I made a table that describe my files status here and in other markets and since I am not allowed to put other marketplaces names here I put marketplace 01,02, etc. but they are very know on website.

I just can’t understand why all my files are rejected not a single one approved.!

See how many rejected files here and approved in other marketplace:


Is that normal !

You might as well show us some of those rejected items.

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Here are some of the hard rejected files:

I’m having the same problem. GraphicRiver is rejecting some of our top selling items from other marketplaces.

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Please suggest me the other marketplaces to sell the products. graphic river continuously reject the products.

We are not allowed to share links here.


Well I’m really intersted about this topic because I’ve been experienced the same problem recently. A lot of flyer rejected:

This first version:

and the improved version after the hard rejection:

I really don’t know if it’s just the design or some technical problem in the files.

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I would say that your design is too basic, and you need to learn more about lighting affects, and composition to have a better chance.

And churn out more flyers so some get through. Even the best of us, get quite a few rejections in order to get some through.

But we also learn what the reviewers want, and try to lift our standards, to get more through.


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