Is "regular license" ok for selling CD with company logo?

I have to sell my audio cd (print and digital).
I’d like to know if “Regular License” is ok for develop a logo and print it on the cd box.

Thank you in advance


The logo license is a bit different than other licenses.

You can make any number of copies of the single Final Logo and use it in unlimited ways.

For example: You’ve customised a Logo Template and created your one Final Logo. You can then use this Final Logo in any way that you like, e.g. corporate branding, business cards, letterheads, website and packaging. You can use the Final Logo to brand free or paid products.

So you’re fine using it on a CD box :smiley:


Hello, thank you for your kind reply.
I found in the product the " Logo Stock Regular License".
Is it right to proceed?


Yes a regular license is good.

Many Thanks!

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