Is RDB Music Group a Legit publisher?

Hey guys,
I have been reached by Christophe Balency from RDB Music Group saying he notice unclaimed royalties in France from some of my work and I was wondering if any other AJ authors are being sub published by him. Is this company Legit?

Here’s what he is offering:

We collect the publisher share (50%) which we pay back to you after deduction of our 15% commission.
The composer share (50%) is directly transferred from the PRO (like SACEM for France) to your SOCAN account.
We therefore do not apply any commission on the composer part.

Is this a good or normal offer?

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I would say so, yes. I can’t vouch for RDB, but I have gotten thousands of dollars in previously unclaimed royalties via other publishers like this.

Millions of dollars are lost in unclaimed royalties, making this a pretty good business opportunity for people who want to hunt down the rightful recipients.

In an ideal world this wouldn’t be necessary, but that is not the world we live in, unfortunately.

While we can’t know how much you are owed, it is likely a nice little bit of money since they wouldn’t have bothered contacting you otherwise.

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Yes they are legit, i also was contacted by him like 2 years ago and he helped me to get a really nice amount from a french advert with my track. So i’d say go for it!


RDB claims they have found at least 6k€ in unclaimed royalties.

I couldn’t help but notice that you added a “s” at publisher ‘s’.
So you can have more than one publisher? Does this mean I could have a publisher for every country to cover my unclaimed royalties around the world?

Can you list the ones that where helpful for you?

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Ok Thanks :slight_smile: